Nebula Platform

A whole new way to manage your business’ product and items, in real time.

Nebula Knows Better

A smart solution, doing what humans do, but more efficiently, more quickly, and at a lower cost.

Our platform is entirely flexible, capable of tracing, in real-time, items equipped with passive RFID transponders, and detecting their state and their position within a chosen area, from different reading points. It has a structured but simple design. It encloses innovative and original hardware and software solutions, all developed by R4I, and it expands on several levels.

Get to know the reliable, effective solution
for your business process and organizational workflow.

The Core

The central Core is the beating heart of Nebula. Its purpose is to continuously identify items and their locations, collecting all the information and data with reliability. 

What makes that possible are three factors: 
Location Database, which collects and hosts the received data; 
 Location System Engine, whose job is to process these data and define the location of each object; 
 REST API to transform and integrate data into business-relevant events or applications for third parties' use.


The Core communicates bidirectionally with the external world through different types of devices consisting of at least one RFID reader, that can eventually connect to additional widgets.

Each device is specialized in performing specific tasks and can supervise one or more zone within large areas, to detect in real-time where and how assets are being used. 
The client enterprise is provided with immediate data thanks to the constant communication between the system and the tracked object. 


Users can interact with the platform through the dashboard interface of our app, which provides the possibility to see and manage data and information collected by the Core.

The graphic interface has many other functions, such as, for example, generating items and assigning them specifications and attributes to be included in the database, or creating buildings and plans to manage the tracking areas.

Nebula is the best choice for your business.

Just think that it can help you maximize workflow efficiency, inventory and asset control, let alone safety.

Also, it delivers a significant reduction in costs!