I am a fully integrated platform that allows you to track and trace any tagged object through time and space.

Meet Nebula

Born to change everything.

Nebula is nothing but a simple software. It behaves like an ecosystem and it is smart and fast.
It was designed to collect and host all the information and data you need to power up your business management.

Basically, it is built this way.

The Core

The Core is the beating heart of Nebula, it collects and elaborates data from a traced object, such as its current location.


The Core can interface with almost any type of devices that can, in return, interact with send feedback to the platform.

Tagged Items

Nebula detects with extreme accuracy any item equipped with smart technologies that enable its identifications.

Why Nebula

Operational efficiency
on a new level.

To have an innovative and smart platform, will help
you improve the daily management of your
business. Indeed, you will have real time updates on the location and the
history of each of your products.
As a result, you will boost employee efficiency, and speed up
the inventory tracking process.


your business.

Being Nebula a cross-platform makes it the perfect
solution for any business. Whether your industry
is healthcare, logistics, or retail, Nebula is the
best choice for your company.

Meet the minds
behind Nebula.

Nebula is smart and self-sufficient,
but there are incredible people behind her.

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